Part 3: An Indisputable Proof


An indisputable proof

An indisputable proof that this is an invented story is found in a scientific article, written in November–early December 1961. Following review by a translator, it was mailed for publication in Medicina Experimentalis.

This sequence of events is clearly shown by a footnote on the front page of the article that states: “Received: January 4th. 1962.” (Med Exp 1962) This article by B.Falck and A. Torp is entitled New evidence for the localization of noradrenalin in adrenergic nerve terminals Med.exp. 1962, 6: 169–172.

In this report – the very first description of the method and unquestionably the first description of cellular localization of noradrenaline in nerve cells – are these words:

“A large number of tissues from several different mammals have been studied. In all tissues where adrenergic nerves are known to be present (e.g., heart, iris, submaxillary gland, blood vessels in some organs) the formaldehyde treatment developed a strong yellow-green fluorescence in a network of fine fibres which stood out brilliantly against a dark or weakly fluorescent background”. (Med Exp 1962)

All of this work, which was based on the special techniques that Arvid Carlsson refers to in his document (see above), took a long time to complete. In addition to this – as can be understood also by persons with only limited insights in histological techniques – it does take considerable time, in this case nearly 10 months, to produce “a large number of tissues from several different mammals…”

Obviously, it would be impossible to develop the method, verify it and publish so many results within approximately a month. Therefore, Arvid Carlsson’s version of the history is absurd.

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